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goldbullion vault

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  • July 06th, 2014
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  • Gold bars
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  • dhkenrick


Photo: MyFoxNY

As the price of gold begins to inch its way up, a whole new flood of buyers start looking for gold.

(Weird thing…few people buy gold when the price is going down or stagnant. They prefer to buy when the price is higher!)

Anyway, as these occasional or “amateur” …

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Many of us who buy gold bullion coins are motivated by the desire not only to diversify our investments, but also to build up an alternative stash of “money” for times of emergency.

Gold is the kind of money you can spend when chaos strikes, whether the dollar has plummeted …

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If you just glance at the headlines, the world seems much as it was last year and the year before.

A few wars, some trade disputes, ups and downs in the economies of various countries. Same old same old.

But if you look a little closer, you’ll see the first cracks …

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As I sit down and write this post, Ukraine is on the brink of war.

It’s unclear whether this will be a civil war, or will involve Russian troops crossing the border and invading Ukraine itself.

But one thing is clear: the government of Ukraine is doing what every other country …

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When should you be buying more gold?

Some people make this decision very complicated, listening to analysts on a daily basis, scrutinizing technical charts, and so on.

That’s not how I make my own buying decisions.

First off, I’m not a trader or speculator in gold. I’m an owner of gold. I …

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It would be reasonable to think that the price of gold is determined solely by the supply and demand of the physical product – gold bullion.

But that is not the case.

Most of the “gold” traded each day is paper gold, not physical gold. This paper gold is traded in …

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When you invest money there is usually a reasonable upside and a huge downside.

Just ask anyone who invested their savings in Enron or with Bernie Madoff. Yes, those are extreme examples. But there are thousands of other cases where honest people invested their savings in the hope of a …

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The quick answer to why you should own physical gold is that you can’t trust the banks or your government.

Eric Sprout, the billionaire precious metals trader, recently conducted an audit of how much gold the U.S. government has been buying and selling over the last few decades.

Here is his …

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Here is a sight you won’t see very often. In fact, I’m not sure this gold vault has ever been made public before.

This video shows you just some of the gold that is stored by the Bank of England. As you watch the video, you’ll get a sense of just …

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We live during a time of rampant consumerism. We buy stuff, and we think we own it. But much of the time we don’t.

Your home is mortgaged and owned by the bank. It’s not yours.

Your car is leased, or purchased through a bank loan. It’s not yours.

You …

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